About Cab Calloway

Our Mission

The purpose of Creative Arts By Calloway, LLC is to preserve and manage worldwide rights to the name, likeness, image, facsimile signature, associated trademarks and copyrights of entertainment icon Cab Calloway. We are the sole licensing agent of merchandise and services, advertising of companies and products, and new media and theatrical performances that utilize property in the possession or control of the Calloway family estate.

Our Vision

We celebrate and elevate the historic cultural influence and achievements of the Calloway entertainment legacy. In partnership with the Cab Calloway Foundation, we establish and perpetuate opportunities for students, scholars, and creatives to pursue their gifts via education and advocacy.  

Cab Forever

He was an American icon, a true innovator, and a cultural catalyst.
"No living pathfinder in American popular music or its jazz and rock-n-roll capillaries is so frequently emulated yet so seldom acknowledged as Cabell "Cab" Calloway. He arguably did more things first and better than any other band leader of his generation." -Timothy White / Billboard Editor-in-chief